R&M focuses on Increasing its East India Reach!

R&M recently participated in Emerging Tech Conclave held in Kolkata to increase its East India reach. The main agenda of Tech Conclave was to discuss and share the knowledge with the industry leaders on the emerging technologies covering AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics.

R&M presented its technology-ridden Products at the National Conference in Kolkata.

Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director, R&M India said, “With the enthusiastic initiatives taken up by Government of India regarding IT and Infrastructure landscape, major enterprises are aggressively sketching down their plans to digitally transform themselves. Intrusion and adoption of several technologies by leading manufacturers propelled India into a different league. To keep in pace with these enterprises, understanding and catering right solutions in line with emerging technologies plays a vital role.”

“The event provided enriching blend of keynote sessions, panel discussions, thought leader insights and product presentations of real-time IT deployments. R&M plays a strategic role in creating a back end infrastructure support for these emerging IT technologies”, added Gaurav. 

R&M team leveraged this platform to network with CIOs of various organizations and explained them on the upcoming technology products and know-how, which was well appreciated. It showcased Copper patch panel, Copper patch cords, Connection Module, LIU and Adapters. 


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