One Plus 5T will come with the headphone jack

One plus 5T will be launching soon with the headphone jacks announced the officials of the company recently.

The CEO of the company Pete Lau wrote in a blog post that the new member of One Plus family will be coming up with the headphone jack usage. He concluded his words on the blog by making a promise to the people regarding the headphone jack. His exact words were,” That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re keeping the headphone jack for the One Plus 5T.”

Usually the companies make Smartphone’s without a headphone jack. This has tends to stir up the controversy. You have to rely on USB-C port if you do not have headphone jack in your phone.USB-C port supports charging and plugging in wired headphones and ear buds.

The initiative taken by the company to launch Smartphone One Plus 5T with headphone jacks is in favor of supporting wireless accessories or those that use USB-C audio.

The consumers are forced in the market to buy an easy-to-lose dongle adaptor, or buy new headphones. This for sure cost them a lot more.

Although the date for the release of the Smartphone has not been revealed yet, but it is expected that the new member of One Plus Company i.e. One Plus 5T, will be launching in late November.

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