Axis’s security and surveillance solutions aim smarter and safer tomorrow!

Today, security and surveillance are an integral part of all societies. With the government’s smart city projects gaining momentum, there is a dire need of new age IP Video integrated end to end solutions to deliver high business value. Axis ‘Smart’ security implementation not only provides a better quality of life with clean and sustainable environment, but also promises a safer city.

At Axis Solutions Day 2018, Axis Communications shared implementation details of their large-scale community CCTV Nenu Saitham project in Hyderabad City. The annual event showcased their integrated smart solutions in IP Audio, Retail Suite and Thermal cameras.

The event was centered on the theme, The Future in Integrated Security Solutions. It brought to fore Axis’ recent India success stories and their key takeaways from prestigious security and surveillance implementations across the country, including the Mysore City Palace project. According to the project, an entity or individual can buy a CCTV system that will cover the premise entry, exit and parking areas to the extent of 50 yards on the road, along with storage and video screen for self-monitoring within the colony. The Government of Telangana will provide the back-end connectivity to the Police Stations, Command Control Centre along with real-time Video Analytics.

Axis Communications marked Axis Solutions Day 2018 in the capital.

Highlighting the efforts that led to the success of the Hyderabad implementation, Sudhindra Holla, Sales Director – India and SAARC, Axis Communications said, “We are proud to be a partner of choice for The Hyderabad community CCTV project. This is an example of community participation towards building a safer and secured smart city. We have 1,500 camera installations across the city to track, monitor and analyze the video feed for detecting criminal activities, traffic violations, and road conditions. With our strong portfolio of product line-up, we aim to support the authorities to deliver high surveillance and build a model Smart City and eagerly look forward to the phase two implementation.”

The event acted as the platform to showcase Axis’ thermal and IP Audio integrated solution for end-to-end security implementations

“Axis carries a rich lineage of over 35 years in India and during the time, we understand the pulse of the India market. With an estimated budget of ₹2.09 lakh crores for smart city programmes by the Government, we are upbeat that high end security and  surveillance solutions are the need of the hour,” he added.

Speaking on the Mysore Palace implementation, Sudhindra emphasised, “The project was challenging as the site continued to operate even during the installation. Mysore Palace, being one of the most visited heritage sites of India, we had to ensure that the work was seamless with minimum disruption. We also had to create a multi-point wireless network to ensure the infrastructure had the ability to support the new cameras as well as the management software across the area for crowd and queue management.”

Considering recent Pathankot attack, the company is emphasising on the implementation of thermal cameras. These  thermal cameras using thermal imaging and enhanced low-light capabilities have taken the smart surveillance a step ahead. With built-in analytics, such as Video Motion Detection helps detect motion from moving objects within a predefined area, these intelligent solutions are useful for environments where privacy is of utmost importance like – schools and care homes.

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